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Sonicwall: Exposed WAN zone SNMP

Detects WAN Zone enabled SNMP interfaces with ANY as the source IP
Austin B [QuoStar] 4 months ago in SonicWall 0

N-able N-Central: Device Information with Asset Tag/Last User

Will display information on endpoints w/ their Device Name, Asset Tag, and LastLoggedInUser if available.
Nick Dechnik 4 months ago in N-able N-central 0

N-able N-Central: Count of specific Windows 10 builds (Feature Update Level)

Change the OsVersion to whichever Windows 10 build you'd like to get a count of. 10.0.19043 is build 21H1. Other build numbers are easily available on the web (
Nick Dechnik 4 months ago in N-able N-central 1

CIsco ASA: Detect if management has SSH outside rule exists

Detect if management has SSH open to the outside. The outside can also be changed to 'inside' as well
Nick Dechnik 4 months ago in Cisco ASA 0

Office 365: Disabled Users with active E3 Licensing

Will show any users who are disabled that still have an active E3 license that likely does not need to be assigned.
Nick Dechnik 4 months ago in Microsoft 365 1

Azure Active DIrectory: Enabled and Licensed Users with MFA disabled

Useful to filter for only enabled accounts that are also licensed and disabled their UPN if MFA is disabled. Azure AD P1/P2 is required or it will return no data.
Devon 4 months ago in Azure Active Directory 0

Active Directory: Age of Oldest Stale Privileged User

Determines the highest number of days for all stale privileged users. This metric is useful for determining severity.
Robbie Kibler 4 months ago in Active Directory 0

SQL Server: Product Name

Determines the product name to determine which version of SQL is installed.
Robbie Kibler 4 months ago in SQL Server 0

Ubiquiti Unifi: Auto Backup Enabled

Determines if automatic backups are enabled in Unifi.
Robbie Kibler 4 months ago in Ubiquiti UniFi 0

Cisco ASA: RDP (Port 3389) Rules Detected

Checks to see if RDP/Port 3389 is listed in an access list.
Robbie Kibler 4 months ago in Cisco ASA 0