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Created by Addison Caldwell
Created on Jun 7, 2021

Webroot: Endpoint List w/ Days Since Last Seen

This is helpful to someone who's trying to obtain/maintain visibility into a list of endpoints in an organization's Webroot instance with each endpoints count of days since since they were seen. This is a good Metric for QBRs, recurring site reviews, and an onboarding report. Also, this Metric could be used to build an audit with the intention of an end customer confirming that all looks as expected. This Metric can also be used to create a pointed Actionable Alert that alerts on if an endpoint's days since last seen passes specified thresholds.

Inspector Webroot
Endpoints[].join( ` `, [join(` `, [` `, to_string(HostName)]), join(` `, [`| Days Since Last Seen: `, to_string(DaysSinceLastSeen)])])
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