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Categories VMware vCenter
Created by Stephen Rankich
Created on May 5, 2022

VMware vCenter: Datastores Percentage Of Drive Used

Using new roarpath function get the datatstores percentage of drive used list


vCenterDatastores[].[name, percent_of(to_number(capacity_r), to_number(free_space_r))]

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  • Bill Krauss (Applied Tech)
    Aug 16, 2022

    I'm getting the output of
    [ [ "Volume1", 398.06 ], [ "Volume2", 996.53 ], [ "Volume3", 444.61 ], [ "Volume4", 114.61 ] ]

    Something is not working... I didn't know we could get more than 100%.

    Here is a snip of the dataprint.

    vCenterDatastores: Array(4)

    0: Object

    datastore: "datastore-11"

    name: "Volume1"

    type: "VMFS"

    free_space: 1129492512768

    capacity: 4496025452544

    free_space_r: "1051.922"

    capacity_r: "4187.250"

    1: Object

    datastore: "datastore-114"

    name: "Volume2"

    type: "VMFS"

    free_space: 6618806747136

    capacity: 65958349635584

    free_space_r: "6164.244"

    capacity_r: "61428.500"

    2: Object

    datastore: "datastore-12"

    name: "Volume3"

    type: "VMFS"

    free_space: 999874887680

    capacity: 4445559586816

    free_space_r: "931.206"

    capacity_r: "4140.250"

    3: Object

    datastore: "datastore-36153"

    name: "Volume4"

    type: "VMFS"

    free_space: 254602641408

    capacity: 291789340672

    free_space_r: "237.117"

    capacity_r: "271.750"