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M365: AAD App Secrets Expiring within 30 days

Looks for applications with expiring/expired secrets (within 30 days), then outputs the Application name, and the secrets associated that are expiring/expired.
Leland Shane about 1 year ago in Microsoft 365 0

Duo Security: Disabled Users

Grab all users who are showing as disabled.
Matthew Waddell about 1 year ago in Duo Security 0

Windows Workstation: Last Logged In User has Local Admin Permissions?

Identifies if the last logged in user is a member of the "Administrators" group. Returns 'true' or 'false'
Henri Pitkänen about 1 year ago in Windows Workstation 0

Windows Workstation: Is BitLocker Enabled on an OS Drive?

Identifies if BitLocker is enabled on an operating system drive. Returns 'true' or 'false'
Henri Pitkänen about 1 year ago in Windows Workstation 0

Microsoft 365: Licenced Mailbox User

Lists all users with a licenced mailbox (not all data prints can use the "?Has_Exchange_License == `True`" due to type of licence and graph permissions!!) Can be turned into a count with length(@) Can also separate enabled and disabled with "&...
Austin B [QuoStar] over 1 year ago in Microsoft 365 0

Microsoft 365: Maximum Secure Score

Returns the maximum secure score possible for the tenant.
Paul Taplett over 1 year ago in Microsoft 365 0

Office 365: Global Admin Summary

Lists all explicit global admins Useful for distinguishing privileged roles from global admin Change sort(@) to length(@) to get a count Change == to != to identify privileged, but no global admin
Austin B [QuoStar] over 1 year ago in Microsoft 365 0

Active Directory: Count of Users Assigned to Group(s)

Returns the number of users assigned to a group.
Erik Zwep over 1 year ago in Active Directory 0

Azure Active Directory: Conditional Access Policy - Block Legacy Authentication - Name & State

Searches for Conditional Access Policies that contain "legacy authentication" in it's name and returns the current state of the found CA Policy. Use Cases: Can be used in Identifying if the default Microsoft Policy titled "Block legacy authenti...
Lamont Largie almost 2 years ago in Azure Active Directory 1

Continuum RMM: Count of Windows Servers

Returns the number of windows servers. A useful metric when reconciling services in the Gradient MSP billing module.
Phil at Gradient MSP almost 2 years ago in Continuum RMM 0