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Active Directory: Hard Drive Space Summary

This Metric polls all of the drives local to the server and presents with Total drive space and available free space.
Steven Winston 1 day ago in Active Directory 0

Datto RMM : Device Offline > 30 Days

List of Devices that have not checked in > 30 days
Lamont Largie 20 days ago in Datto RMM 0

SentinelOne - Agents Not Up to Date

Use to identify systems needing updates
Steve King 13 days ago in SentinelOne 0

Active Directory: Domain Controller Days since last login greater than 31 days

Returns the name and days since last login for domain controllers. Helpful for finding stale domain controllers in a domain.
Jason Holcomb 13 days ago in Active Directory 0

Active Directory: Enabled Computers With Anomalous Login Activity Count

Shows only Enabled and In Use computers with anomalous activity
Austin B [QuoStar] 14 days ago in Active Directory 0

Roar: Launchpoints' Status Data Set

Roar Launchpoints' Status Metric designed for Power BI consumption.
Lamont Largie 17 days ago in Roar 0

Microsoft 365: Percent of Storage Used over 90

Checks for Storage_Used existing, then any users with over 90% storage used, then prints the name and amount of storage used
Leland Shane 3 months ago in Microsoft 365 0

Microsoft 365 Privileged Users Not Logged in Last 30 Days

Microsoft 365 Privileged Users Not Logged in Last 30 Days
Guest about 1 month ago in Microsoft 365 0

Azure Active Directory: Days Since Last AADC Sync

Counts the number of days since the last Azure Active Directory Connect (AADC) sync. Useful for determining if there is an issue as it should always be <1.
Robbie Kibler 11 months ago in Azure Active Directory 6

Microsoft 365: Mailbox Size Greater than XX

This will look for users with mailboxes larger than 45. Customize the value to change Metric. Output will include mailname and size of mailbox.
Devon 4 months ago in Microsoft 365 0