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Active Directory: Computers Details [PowerBI]

Returns the name, ip address, os system, os version, and last password set date of each device in Active Directory.
Guest 1 day ago in Active Directory 0

Azure Active Directory: Computers Details [PowerBI]

Returns the name, os system, os version, and encryption status of the device in Azure AD.
Guest 1 day ago in Azure Active Directory 0

N-able N-central: Device Details [PowerBI]

Returns the IP address, OS Version, and connectivity status of the device in n-central.
Guest 1 day ago in N-able N-central 0

Windows Server: Drive Free Space Remaining [PowerBI]

Returns the name and remaining free space of each drive on the server.
Guest 1 day ago in Windows 0

Microsoft 365: Days till Liongard app registration expires

It will display the number of days you have till you need to create a new secret
Sam Mangum 10 days ago in Microsoft 365 0

Active Directory: Distribution Lists

This pulls a list of distribution list names and excludes security groups as outlined here:,%2DGroupCategory,-Specifies%20the%2...
Matt Scutt 16 days ago in Active Directory 0

Linux: Down Interface

This metric can be used to monitor for a down interface on the Linux endpoint inspector. Note that the interface name (eth0) may be different so change according to your needs.
West Daniels 8 days ago in Linux 0

Active Directory: Count of Users Assigned to Group(s)

Returns the number of users assigned to a group.
Erik Zwep 14 days ago in Active Directory 0

Microsoft 365: Current Secure Score

Reports the current Microsoft 365 Secure Score
Paul Taplett 8 days ago in Microsoft 365 0

Office 365: Global Admin Summary

Lists all explicit global admins Useful for distinguishing privileged roles from global admin Change sort(@) to length(@) to get a count Change == to != to identify privileged, but no global admin
Austin B [QuoStar] 9 days ago in Microsoft 365 0