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Azure Active Directory: Days Since Last AADC Sync

Counts the number of days since the last Azure Active Directory Connect (AADC) sync. Useful for determining if there is an issue as it should always be <1.
Robbie Kibler almost 2 years ago in Azure Active Directory 6

AAD:Active Users Without MFA (Not Disabled)

Allow you to easily identify users with MFA enabled that are not disabled accounts.
Jai Dametto almost 2 years ago in Azure Active Directory 1

Active Directory: DHCP Percent In Use over 80

Name of DHCP in over 80% to be used for alerting
Kevin Fuller almost 2 years ago in Active Directory 1

Microsoft 365: Users w/ Associated Licenses

This Metric is great for Reports (QBRs and Licensing Audits) and gaining and sharing granular visibility into user's licensing status.
Addison Caldwell almost 2 years ago in Microsoft 365 0

Active Directory: Last Login with Timestamp

This will return us the last logon for the AD user.
_ _ over 1 year ago in Active Directory 1

Microsoft 365: Privileged User w/ License

Best Practices are for admin accounts to not contain a license unless required. This metric outputs Privileged users and what products they are assigned
Devon almost 2 years ago in Microsoft 365 0

TLS/SSL: Issuer (excluding cPanel and Let's Encrypt)

Identify which SSL certs are about to expire but ignore autorenew certs from cPanel and Let's Encrypt.
Jai Dametto almost 2 years ago in TLS/SSL Certificates 5

Sonicwall: Security Services Licenses w/ Statuses

This Metric can be used to track Sonicwall licensing, as well as alert on changes to licensing statuses.
Addison Caldwell almost 2 years ago in SonicWall 0

Microsoft 365: Exchange Licensed user w/ 95% full mailbox

Outputs percentage of Storage used against full mailbox size in addition to the email address and mailbox size. Microsoft's built in warning to the user is at 98%, Prohibits sending at 99%, and Prohibits receiving at 100%. This can be customized b...
Devon 7 months ago in Microsoft 365 2

Datto RMM : Device Offline > 30 Days

List of Devices that have not checked in > 30 days
Lamont Largie 12 months ago in Datto RMM 0