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SentinelOne: CVEs List

Export a listing of CVEs as reported by the sentinelone agent.
Josh Hummel 6 months ago in SentinelOne 0

Microsoft 365: Percent of Storage Used over 90

Checks for Storage_Used existing, then any users with over 90% storage used, then prints the name and amount of storage used
Leland Shane about 1 year ago in Microsoft 365 0

N-Able N-Central: <8GB of ram with open memory slots

Useful for finding machines that could use a stick of ram. Number is in bytes.
Devon 3 months ago in N-able N-central 0

Active Directory: Last Login with Timestamp

This will return us the last logon for the AD user.
_ _ over 1 year ago in Active Directory 1

Microsoft 365: Users Search List [Power BI]

So this one is exactly the same as the original but it includes a helpful field: "Mailbox Type":userPurpose which returns values: user, shared or blank. This will allow a report to filter on Shared Mailboxes vs User Mailboxes.
Adam 3 months ago in Microsoft 365 0

Kaseya VSA: Server Count

Returns the number of servers to reconcile services in Synthesize Billing.
Phil at Gradient MSP 6 months ago in Kaseya BMS 2

ConnectWise Automate: ConnectWise Control Count

Returns the number of ConnectWise Control licenses to reconcile services in Synthesize Billing.
Phil at Gradient MSP 6 months ago in ConnectWise Automate 0

Microsoft 365: Nonprofit License Excluding Donated Licenses

Use this query when syncing nonprofit licenses. You can change the consumedUnits that are subtracted depending on the donated licenses.
Phil at Gradient MSP 6 months ago in Microsoft 365 0

Azure: Virtual Machines - Missing Hybrid Benefits

This query is used to find Azure Virtual Machines that are running the Windows operating system, but do not have the Azure Hybrid Benefits license type enabled. The Azure Hybrid Benefits program allows users to save money on Windows licenses by us...
William Martin 3 months ago in Azure 0

Azure: Network Security Group - Open RDP

This query is used to find Azure Network Security Groups that have a rule which allows access to port 3389 (RDP) from any source (*). The query returns the name of any security groups that have this rule. Leaving RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) expo...
William Martin 3 months ago in Azure 0