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Windows Workstation: Last Logged In User

Returns the last logged in user for Windows Workstations
Lamont Largie 5 months ago in Windows Workstation 0

Duo Security: Disabled Users

Grab all users who are showing as disabled.
Matthew Waddell 11 months ago in Duo Security 0

Azure Active Directory: Security Defaults & Conditional Access Policies Report

This report uses the Liongard API and pulls down the Security Defaults Status and Conditional Access Policies of all the Azure Active Directory Inspectors One benefit of this report is that you'll actually return the Display Names of the objects i...
Sam Walker 8 months ago in Azure Active Directory 0

Fortigate: Show DeviceVersion, Current Firmware and Available Firmware

Patching devices is a critical component to CyberSecurity. Ensuring products are patched and updated, this metric shows you the current version and the available update with Fortigate version 7.x
Scott Davis about 1 year ago in Fortinet FortiGate 0

Continuum RMM: Count of Devices

Returns a count of all devices in Continuum RMM
Lamont Largie 6 months ago in Continuum RMM 0

Cisco Small Business Switch: StartupConfig: Password Complexity

Returns True or False depending on whether password complexity is enabled or not. NOTE: The metric defaults to True, only returning False when 'no passwords complexity' is found in the configuration. Use with the "Cisco Small Business Switch: St...
Darren White 6 months ago in Cisco Small Business Solution (SBS) 0

Internet Domain/DNS: DMARC Record

Shows the DMARC record for domains
Kevin Fuller 6 months ago in Internet Domain/DNS 0

Sonicwall: List of Access Rules IPv4 V7

List of Access Rules IPv4 for Sonic OS7
Kevin Fuller 6 months ago in SonicWall 0

AAD:Active Users Without MFA (Not Disabled)

Allow you to easily identify users with MFA enabled that are not disabled accounts.
Jai Dametto over 2 years ago in Azure Active Directory 1

SonicWall: IPv6 NAT Policy Summary v7

List of IPv6 NAT Policies for Sonic OS 7
Kevin Fuller 6 months ago in SonicWall 0