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Cisco Small Business Switch: StartupConfig: Password Complexity

Returns True or False depending on whether password complexity is enabled or not. NOTE: The metric defaults to True, only returning False when 'no passwords complexity' is found in the configuration. Use with the "Cisco Small Business Switch: St...
Darren White 8 months ago in Cisco Small Business Solution (SBS) 0

Internet Domain/DNS: DMARC Record

Shows the DMARC record for domains
Kevin Fuller 8 months ago in Internet Domain/DNS 0

Sonicwall: List of Access Rules IPv4 V7

List of Access Rules IPv4 for Sonic OS7
Kevin Fuller 8 months ago in SonicWall 0

SonicWall: IPv6 NAT Policy Summary v7

List of IPv6 NAT Policies for Sonic OS 7
Kevin Fuller 8 months ago in SonicWall 0

Active Directory: Last Login with Timestamp

This will return us the last logon for the AD user.
_ _ about 2 years ago in Active Directory 1

macOS: SentinelOne Installed

This will return a true or false value for the installation of SentinelOne
De'Shard Brown 4 months ago in macOS 0

BitLocker AD Backup Multiple Policies count

A query to identify if multiple policies have been set defining BitLocker recovery information being saved to AD. Works well with Metric checking for Enabled or Disabled checks
Guest 8 months ago in Active Directory 0

Microsoft 365: Privileged User w/ License

Best Practices are for admin accounts to not contain a license unless required. This metric outputs Privileged users and what products they are assigned
Devon over 2 years ago in Microsoft 365 0

Internet Domain/DNS: SPF Soft Fail

Find SPF records that are set to 'Soft Fail' with '~all' instead of the best practice 'Hard Fail' with '-all'
Eric Vollbrecht almost 2 years ago in Internet Domain/DNS 0

Cisco Meraki: Per-Device License Expiration

For per-device licensing, returns any devices with licenses expiring in the next 90 days.
Cory Ruthardt 8 months ago in Cisco Meraki 0