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Azure Active Directory: Conditional Access Policies with Excluded Users Summary

I based this off another metric created by David Chapman, so thanks to him for the original idea! I added the ability to also bring in users from excluded groups for a full picture of what users are excluded from CA policies. There might be a more...
Noah Tatum 3 months ago in Azure Active Directory 0

TLS/SSL: Certificates Expiring in 30 days (Excluding Let's Encrypt)

Returns the SCN of certificates that are not issued by Let's Encrypt and have an expiration of less than or equal to 30 days.
Dominic Peterson about 2 months ago in TLS/SSL Certificates 0

NYCCD-SQL17 - SA Members

Queries the SQL Server to poll the Server Role Members with SA privileges
Guest about 2 months ago in SQL Server 0

Azure Active Directory: Days Since Last AADC Sync

Counts the number of days since the last Azure Active Directory Connect (AADC) sync. Useful for determining if there is an issue as it should always be <1.
Robbie Kibler over 2 years ago in Azure Active Directory 6

Azure Active Directory: List of MFA Conditional Access Policies applied to ANY Application

Returns a list of CA policies applied to ANY application in Azure Active Directory
Lamont Largie 4 months ago in Azure Active Directory 0

OneLogin: Active User Count

Count of users that are actively licensed in OneLogin
Robert Herbaugh 4 months ago in OneLogin 0

OneLogin: MFA Not Enrolled Users

Used to list users that do not have any MFA devices enrolled
Robert Herbaugh 4 months ago in OneLogin 0

Windows Server: List of Installed Antivirus Software

This metric returns a list of installed AV's from Windows Servers
Zyad Khan 2 months ago in Windows Server 0

Active Directory: Domain Admins with Password Age over 365 Days

Number of days can be changed to suit needs. Created this metric to narrow down results from the 'Privileged User with Stale Password' metric built into Liongard
Guest 2 months ago in Active Directory 0

Azure AD: Complete List of Conditional Access Policies and Excluded Users

This metric will return a complete list of Azure AD Conditional Access policies and a list of excluded users for each policy. This is difficult because the policies only contain a list of user's ID, not their display names.
David Chapman 9 months ago in Azure Active Directory 1