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Fortinet FortiGate: Post Login Banner

It will return "diable" or "enable"
Bill Krauss (Applied Tech) 8 months ago in Fortinet FortiGate 0

Fortinet FortiGate: Pre Login Banner

This will return "disabled" or "enabled". We have it enabled for our standard and use this to monitor the devices for it.
Bill Krauss (Applied Tech) 8 months ago in Fortinet FortiGate 0

Sophos Central: Customers List

Return the list of customers
m y 10 months ago in Sophos Central 0

Sophos XG: List Firewall Rule

Return the list of Firewall Rule.
m y 10 months ago in Sophos XG 0

Microsoft 365 : List Active Users without MFA

I also want to except Guest User
m y 11 months ago in Microsoft 365 0

Active Directory: Software Restriction Policy Checker

We have several techs at our MSP that will turn off the entire SRP to install a blocked application. Obviously this is a no-no and should be avoided but with this Liongard metric you can create a simple rule to see if the policy has been disabled....
Ryan Wooff over 1 year ago in Active Directory 0

Datto Networking: Switch Down

This will alert if a switch is not connecting back to the cloud controller. Could not provide output because we have all switches online and connected to controller.
Bill Krauss (Applied Tech) almost 2 years ago in Datto Networking 0

Datto Networking: AP Down

Metric will show [["AP1","AP Down",true]] if an AP is down.
Bill Krauss (Applied Tech) almost 2 years ago in Datto Networking 0

Network Discover: Port 3389 open count

Returns a count of ip's with port 3389 open
Stephen Rankich over 2 years ago in Network Discovery 1

Windows: Free Physical Memory

This is helpful to someone who's trying to obtain/maintain visibility into the amount of free physical memory on a Windows server. This is a good Metric for QBRs, recurring site reviews, and an onboarding report. Also, this Metric could be used to...
Addison Caldwell almost 3 years ago in Windows Server 0