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Fortinet Fortigate: Latest Firmware Version

This metric provides you with the latest firmware version that your Fortigate device can be updated to.
West Daniels about 2 years ago in Fortinet FortiGate 0

Windows: Printers and Port number

Short Metric to show local printers on a server with its configured PortName. Helpful for onboarding and identifying printer IP's
Austin B [QuoStar] over 2 years ago in Windows Server 0

[Microsoft 365: Non-Admin, Non-Guest, License Assigned, MFA disabled]

This query looks for non-admin users who have an active license within your organization that do not have MFA enabled (ignoring guest users).
Charles Van Duynhoven over 2 years ago in Microsoft 365 5

Ubiquiti Unifi: Device Offline

This metric will discover offline devices within your Unifi environments. The query results aren't formatted well, if anyone is better at shaping results this could use some changes.
Ted Thueson over 2 years ago in Ubiquiti UniFi 2

TLS/SSL: Issuer (excluding cPanel and Let's Encrypt)

Identify which SSL certs are about to expire but ignore autorenew certs from cPanel and Let's Encrypt.
Jai Dametto over 2 years ago in TLS/SSL Certificates 5

Sonicwall: Security Services Licenses w/ Statuses

This Metric can be used to track Sonicwall licensing, as well as alert on changes to licensing statuses.
Addison Caldwell over 2 years ago in SonicWall 0

Fortigate: Show DeviceVersion, Current Firmware and Available Firmware

Patching devices is a critical component to CyberSecurity. Ensuring products are patched and updated, this metric shows you the current version and the available update with Fortigate version 7.x
Scott Davis over 1 year ago in Fortinet FortiGate 0

Microsoft 365: Exchange Licensed user w/ 95% full mailbox

Outputs percentage of Storage used against full mailbox size in addition to the email address and mailbox size. Microsoft's built in warning to the user is at 98%, Prohibits sending at 99%, and Prohibits receiving at 100%. This can be customized b...
Devon over 1 year ago in Microsoft 365 2

ConnectWise Manage: Billing Agreements QuickLookup

Quickly searches and Displays the current Billing Agreements from Connectwise Manage based on the name placed in place of Nameofagreement *Replace Nameofagreement with the agreement name you would like to quickly query.
Lamont Largie about 2 years ago in ConnectWise Manage 0

Microsoft 365: Percent of Storage Used over 90

Checks for Storage_Used existing, then any users with over 90% storage used, then prints the name and amount of storage used
Leland Shane about 2 years ago in Microsoft 365 0