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Active Directory: Summary of Enabled Group Policies

This metric will list all of the enabled group policies when applied to an Active Directory inspector. It will also return the following: Is the policy is detached (T/F) Is the policy enabled for users (T/F) Is the policy enabled for computers (T/F)
Lamont Largie almost 2 years ago in Active Directory 0

ConnectWise Manage: Billing Agreements

Displays the current Billing Agreements from Connectwise Manage
Lamont Largie about 2 years ago in ConnectWise Manage 0

Microsoft 365: Return Additional Data via M365 Inspector (Checks the 365 concealed user, group, and site names in all reports Setting)

In order to return more data via the Microsoft 365 inspector, you need to disable the setting "Display concealed user, group, and site names in all reports" in the 365 tenancy (refer to Liongard documentation for more information). This metric wil...
Sam Walker about 2 years ago in Microsoft 365 2

VMware ESXi: Count of Snapshots older than 14 days

Will count how many snapshots detected that are older than 14 days.
Robbie Kibler about 2 years ago in VMware ESXi 0

VMWare ESXi: Snapshot Created Older than 14 Days

If the snapshot was created more than 14 days ago, prints out the snapshotName
Leland Shane about 2 years ago in VMware ESXi 0

Microsoft 365: Safe Links Enabled

Uses Microsoft 365 secure score to check if you meet the requirements for Safe Links. Provides True/False Response.
Jai Dametto over 2 years ago in Microsoft 365 0

Datto RMM Count Change

I use this to track add and removes to the devices in Datoo RMM.
Joey Costa over 2 years ago in Datto RMM 0

M365: Non-Admin Users with MFA Enabled List

This is helpful to someone who's trying to obtain/maintain visibility into the non-admin users in an organization's M365 instance. This is a good Metric for QBRs, recurring site reviews, and an onboarding report. Also, this Metric could be used to...
De'Shard Brown over 2 years ago in Microsoft 365 4

Internet Domain/DNS: DNS TXT Record Summary

Returns a list of TXT records and their values
Austin B [QuoStar] over 2 years ago in Internet Domain/DNS 0

Azure: Virtual Machines Name and Size List

Created this metric for change tracking Azure VM SKUs. Out of the box Liongard does not include VM names associated with the detected change in the it does!
Stephen Collopy over 2 years ago in Azure 1