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Active Directory: Stale Privileged Account Summary

Summarizes the privileged users who haven't logged in recently. Useful for alert comments or a report.
Robbie Kibler 4 months ago in Active Directory 0

VMware vCenter: Version

Simple metric to report the version of vCenter installed.
Robbie Kibler 4 months ago in VMware vCenter 0

Active Directory: Password Not Required Users

Identifying any users who's AD account is set to not require a password.
Robbie Kibler 4 months ago in Active Directory 0

Network Discovery: ISP

This is helpful to someone who's trying to obtain/maintain visibility into an organization's ISP. This is a good Metric for QBRs, recurring site reviews, and an onboarding report.
Addison Caldwell 6 months ago in Network Discovery 0

Roar Inspector: List of Failed Inspectors

This will provide you with an alert on your failed insectors.
De'Shard Brown about 2 months ago in Roar 0

Microsoft 365: Privileged User w/ License

Best Practices are for admin accounts to not contain a license unless required. This metric outputs Privileged users and what products they are assigned
Devon 4 months ago in Microsoft 365 0

M365: Show Users with Business Basic and Business Standard License

Often times your L1/L2 may upgrade a license and keep an existing license in place. This Metric can you tell you any users that have multiple licenses that conflict.
Scott Davis about 2 months ago in Microsoft 365 0

Internet Domain/WebsitePlatform

Identifies common Web Hosting platforms like WordPress, PhP etc
Seth Gregory 4 months ago in Internet Domain/DNS 2

Azure: Virtual Machines Name and Size List

Created this metric for change tracking Azure VM SKUs. Out of the box Liongard does not include VM names associated with the detected change in the it does!
Stephen Collopy 4 months ago in Azure 1

Sonicwall: Exposed WAN zone SSH mgmt

Detects WAN Zone enabled SSH Management interfaces with ANY as the source IP
Austin B [QuoStar] 4 months ago in SonicWall 0